Haven Hospice Director of Access Claudia Beureuse won the Florida Hospice and Palliative Care Association’s Catalyst Award. She is pictured (left) with Haven President Pauline Taylor and Haven Vice President of Operations Chris Russell and (right) accepting the award.

Haven Director of Access Claudia Beureuse was recently selected as a winner for the Florida Hospice and Palliative Care Association’s (FHPCA) Catalyst Award. Beureuse was recognized at the FHPCA 2023 Awards Luncheon in Orlando, Florida.

The Catalyst Award recognizes an individual within an organization who has consistently demonstrated leadership in forging the collaboration that makes hospice unique. FHPCA selects an individual each year who seeks excellence not only in their field, but also in cooperation with other disciplines; fosters collaboration and brings teams together to the betterment of the organization; and embraces a spirit of collaboration within their hospice organization.

Beureuse, who has been with Haven Hospice in an admissions role since June 2021, was nominated for the award by Jen Malko, Haven’s Vice President of Business Development. Malko cited Beureuse’s patient advocacy, creative strategies and collaboration in the nomination.

“I have never seen more teamwork and collaboration throughout the entire company as I have since Claudia joined our organization,” said Malko. “She looks at problems or weaknesses as whole and creates processes to improve them.”

Malko added that Beureuse is “synonymous with catalyst,” having been instrumental in a number of strategic initiatives, improving patient care and quality, and executing change. Malko said that even when it is uncomfortable, Claudia puts the needs of patients and the success of the organization at the forefront and leads across disciplines.

Beureuse, who began working in hospice 10 years ago, was presented the award at the FHPCA Awards of Excellence Luncheon on May 11.