Make a Gift to Haven

All charitable gifts remain in the community and are vital in helping Haven continue to provide the vast array of programs and services available to our patients and families. (Please fill out the entire form for the payment to go through.)

Note: If you have issues with your payment being processed or would like to pay over the phone, please reach out to us at or 352-271-4665.

Thank you for your interest in giving to Haven. If you have any questions, the Haven Development Department can be reached at:

You are cordially invited to join the Haven Hospice Leadership Society. The purpose of this select society is to recognize those who have made a personal gift or pledge to promote the excellent care Haven Hospice has provided to our community since 1979.

Thanks to donors like you, Haven is able to provide transformational support for all who seek comfort, dignity and peace of mind.

In addition to the tax deductible benefits allowed by your gift, Leadership Society members will be recognized at donor appreciation events and at other gatherings.

Donations of $10,000 or more will be recognized on the lobby recognition displays in care centers.

Leadership Society membership is extended to those who accept the opportunity to support the Haven Hospice Foundation through a gift or pledge of $108 a year or more over a period of five years.

Partner Level: $10/month ($120 per year)
Provides 3 hours of bereavement services

Guardian Level: $50/month ($600 per year)
Provides 2 days of hospice services

Silver Patron Level: $100/month ($1,200 per year)
Provides 5 days of hospice services

Gold Patron Level: $150/month ($1,800 per year)
Provides 7 days of hospice services

  • Haven Hospice care (in the home, in our five inpatient care centers, or in facilities)
  • Community education and professional training (including the outreach hospice and palliative fellowship program that trains physicians to meet the growing and underserved need for palliative care)

Established endowments to benefit specific Haven programs include:

  • Palliative care (First Federal Foundation in Columbia County, Dan & Katie Martinez in Putnam County)
  • Grief support services for adults and children, including Camp Safe Haven (Leon Buckles in memory of his wife Reda in Putnam County)
  • We Honor Heroes (The Thomas A. Plein Foundation)
  • To make a profound difference in the lives of Haven Hospice patients and families — perhaps your own family, friends and neighbors — by supporting
    unfunded programs including bereavement, veteran services, and unreimbused patient care.
  •  To join with other community neighbors in demonstrating your commitment to the humanitarian mission of Haven Hospice Foundation.
  •  To sustain a “living endowment” fulfilling Haven’s commitment to the community’s most vulnerable and to honor our founders’ vision that no one be turned away from hospice care due to an inability to pay.

Charitable support has been and always will be vital to assuring that our community continues to have access to the very best care available: Haven Hospice care.

Haven has numerous lasting ways in which you can remember someone special. In your giving, please consider honoring a loved one with a leaf on the Tree of Life, a Forget Me Not in the care center or a Memorial Walkway brick, marker or bench.

We also offer ways for you to increase your income and reduce your taxes by signing up for a Haven Charitable Gift Annuity. Learn more here.

Does your company have a matching gift program? If so, please let us know by emailing!

A Donor Bill of Rights

Give with Assurance

The Haven Hospice Leadership Society is under the direction of the Haven Hospice Foundation Board of Directors — a volunteer group of dedicated community leaders. These generous volunteers lend their time and expertise to steward your gifts to advance the charitable mission of the Haven Hospice Foundation.

Haven Hospice Foundation Board of Directors

  • Daniel A. Martinez
  • L. Wayne McClain
  • Darryl Patterson
  • John Medina
  • Bob Stripling
  • Norlene Roberts
  • Luther Drummond
  • Bernie Fitzgerald
  • Marty Franklin
  • Tom Young, M.D.
  • Sharon Jones (Executive Director)
  • Lawrence Schreiber
  • Pauline Taylor

We sincerely thank you for your exceptional support!

January – August 2023

Gold Level 

  • Ben Bates
  • Tessie R. Cason
  • Dr. Lawrence Clark, Sr.
  • Dr. and Mrs. Jim DeFord
  • Josephine A. Leitner
  • Daniel Martinez
  • John Medina
  • Donald Nyberg
  • Mr. and Mrs. Carlisle Pavey
  • Dr. and Mrs. William Petty
  • Robert Stripling
  • Thomas D. Sutton
  • Portia Taylor, PhD
  • Dr. & Mrs. Thomas K. Young

Silver Level 

  • Mr. and Mrs. Roger Blackburn
  • Marion F. Colburn
  • Luther Drummond
  • Bernie Fitzgerald
  • Laura Gallagher
  • Dr. Linde Katritzky
  • Dr. and Mrs. Gerald L. Kidder
  • Dr. and Mrs. Ben Norris
  • Jackie Thompson
  • Barbara Tomek

Guardian Level 

  • Nancy Ayers
  • Marlin Batdorf
  • Lynn Byers
  • Alice Crosby
  • Thomas Crouse
  • Mr. and Mrs. Harry Denenberg
  • Beverly Edwards
  • Shane B. Elder
  • Mrs. Norma O. Elliott
  • Marion Everett
  • Mr. & Mrs. Scott Fisher
  • H.G. Franklin
  • Mr. & Mrs. Alan Fritz
  • Reese Garab
  • Kristal Goodwin
  • Betty Jo Hodge
  • Sheila Hofman
  • Mr. and Mrs. Larry Ingram
  • Floyd Kemp
  • Susan Kluge
  • Jennie Lyons, LCSW
  • David Martinez
  • Vivian McClendon
  • Mr. & Mrs. L. Wayne McClain
  • Robert J. Mills
  • Marge Million
  • Thomas Richards
  • Diane Seaman
  • Patricia Shane
  • Joseph Shelton
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Silcox
  • Ray Smith
  • Colleen Spring
  • Mrs. Bahira Sugaman
  • Henry M. Ward
  • William Westbury
  • Wendy Wilson
  • Capt. Bobby Witt

Partner Level 

  • Christine Allaire
  • Elizabeth P. Alsobrook
  • Jane Barron
  • Mr. & Mrs. E. Russel Bedell
  • Rich and Denise Bennett
  • Kimberly Bishop
  • Mr. and Mrs. David and Debra Brantley
  • Pat Buchanan
  • Irene Calhoun
  • Debra P. Carzoli, RN
  • Sharon Castner
  • Kim and Tina Coffee
  • Dean Cooper
  • Maurice Cooper and Family
  • Sharon Cox
  • Renee Davis
  • Marsha Davis-Flowers
  • Anne F. Gay
  • Wanda M. Erwin
  • Lisa Hawkins
  • Dr. & Mrs. Haig Der-Houssikian
  • Peggy Dobbs Smith
  • Sandra Duval
  • Craig Dyer
  • Marion Everett
  • Soyina Fernandez
  • Lou Anne Fortner
  • Patricia S. Gainer
  • Marsha Groll
  • Lucinda Hagler
  • Heather Hilliard
  • Terry A. Holmes
  • Mrs. Doris Huddle
  • Mr. and Mrs. Dick Jones
  • Henrietta Kirkland
  • John J. Lavelle
  • Hideko and Dennis Leming
  • Marsha A. Lyons
  • Rebecca Ann Lucas
  • Amanda Luke
  • Mr. and Mrs. Phillip J. Maggio
  • George Mason
  • Norman McElroy
  • Willy McGrew
  • James S. McManis
  • Louetta Moore
  • Richard A. Murray
  • Susan Nassif
  • Judith Neal
  • Paul Nestor
  • Sherry Nobles
  • Mr. and Mrs. Harlan J. Norden
  • Joyce Oliver
  • Stephen Overturf
  • Ethelia and Joseph Perry
  • Mr. and Mrs. Bret A. Plemmons
  • Steve and Sue Rappenecker
  • JoEllen Radican
  • James D. Randle
  • Vivian M. Reidling
  • Charlotte Romine
  • Duane Romine
  • Rebecca A. Rosano
  • Roger A. Sain
  • Robert P. Schultz
  • Elizabeth S. Sears
  • Joel and Polly Smith
  • Mr. and Mrs. John R. Stoughton, Jr.
  • Tim Strauser
  • Vondla Sullivan
  • Judy Swendsen
  • Mrs. Janet M. Tew
  • Mr. and Mrs. Douglas H. Thompson, Jr.
  • Mary F. Thomson
  • Shirley Tomac
  • Roy Vickers
  • Carol A. Wells
  • Priscilla Wheeler
  • Vivian B. Williams
  • Sam Willis
  • Malea and Paul Zwick