At Haven, Our Staff and Volunteers Make All the Difference

Haven is always seeking compassionate volunteers looking to give back and make a positive impact on their communities. There are many ways in which your skills and your smile can make a difference by volunteering. Explore all the possibilities below!

If you have experienced the loss of a loved one, it is recommended that you do not volunteer directly with patients for 12 months. There are other ways to support Haven, speak with your Volunteer Coordinator about those opportunities!

These volunteers provide socialization for patients and respite care for families. Common tasks include companionship, driving patients to appointments and running errands.

NODA volunteers provide a comforting presence to patients during their last hours of life in care centers, facilities and homes.

Through special recognition award ceremonies, this program honors military personnel and first responders who have served our country.

Talented volunteers create a legacy for patients by engaging in activities including taking hand photography, recording oral histories and sewing memory quilts.

Celebration volunteers bring balloons and cards to celebrate patients’ birthdays, special occasions and anniversaries.

These volunteers bring joy to patients and caregivers by bringing their pets to visit.

Community Outreach Ambassadors represent Haven at community events, speaking opportunities and health fairs.

These volunteers provide office support to many different departments at Haven.

Attic volunteers raise funds for Haven at the Attic Resale Stores through receiving, sorting, pricing and selling donated merchandise.

ACP volunteers are facilitator-trained to complete ACP sessions as trained presenters. Transitions volunteers provide phone calls as well as social and supportive visits to transitions participants and share their observations with clinical staff.

These volunteers work with families who experience the loss of a loved one, providing support calls and assisting with memorial services. They also help young family members heal through Haven’s annual Camp Safe Haven program.

Teens 16 years and older help Haven thrive by volunteering at the Attic Resale Stores, as an administrative volunteer or with patients in our care centers.

Music volunteers provide emotional and spiritual support for patients and families by sharing vocal or instrumental music talents.

Event volunteers assist with a variety of fundraising, community and bereavement events throughout the year.

“Haven changes the lives of many patients and families every day who in turn have changed me. As a bereavement volunteer, it’s an honor to talk to people about their loved ones, listen to their stories of grief, laugh with them about memories, provide them some emotional comfort and a space for them to air out their thoughts – just a few minutes could mean so much.  I love how the bereavement program checks up on the well-being of family even after their loved one has been cared for… I’ve learned a lot about death and how it’s not so scary and in time, not so sad. It brings people together and teaches people to live slower and enjoy life as it comes and goes…For some, these phone calls are their only chance to vent and feel heard. Bereavement taught me how to talk to all kinds of people about uncomfortable topics, which was a big step for me, a relatively quiet and shy person, and most importantly how to truly listen.”

Franchesca Dalugdug, Bereavement Volunteer

“I have a difficult time putting into words what my time at Haven has meant for me. As an End-of-Life Doula, I’ve learned so much from patients, family and the Haven staff. I am always so touched by the kindness and compassion the staff and other volunteers show the patients and their families. I was at a crossroads in my life when I came to Haven. I was lost once my kids were raised and gone- I struggled to find a new purpose. Haven gave me that purpose and I will be forever grateful. I learn something every time I volunteer- life lessons and gratitude. Thank you.”

Pam Fischer, NODA, Pet Pal and Bereavement Volunteer

“My experience as a volunteer over the past few years has been primarily as a hand photographer. I believe what has impressed me are the amazing stories that hands tell. When I look at the photographs of our patients’ hands with their loved ones, I think of them holding babies, holding their children’s hands as they walked into their first day of school, and even holding their children’s hands on their wedding days. Often the hands are scarred and arthritic, but still beautiful because they reflect the trials and hardships of the patients’ lives. And every time I look at these images, I think what a wonderful opportunity it is to volunteer at an organization that maximizes the remaining quality time our patients have with their families.”

Dave Yonutas, Haven Legacy Project Volunteer

“Having been a caregiver in the past, I know how much time and effort it takes to care for a loved one. Being able to sit with a patient, I can give the caregiver time to go to an appointment, grocery shop or just have a little time to themselves. I also try to visit Haven patients in nursing homes or at the care center to talk to them, sing to them and just let them know someone cares. I have sat with end-of-life patients, and I hold their hands and sing to them and try to help them make a peaceful transition. Illness and the end of life is not the real enemy, but facing it alone is what is difficult for a patient and their families. Haven was so helpful with both my parents that volunteering is my “paying it forward” as they say. If I can in any way help patients and their families as they face their journey, I do.”

Jan Cole, Patient and Family Volunteer

“As part of the Haven Transitions program, I make calls to those clients who are not yet ready for hospice services but still are in need of staying connected to emotional and community support. To say that I get more than I give would be an understatement. I’ve learned that even at the end of life, faith and hope can thrive – a very humbling experience for me. And through the gift of intentional listening, I’ve learned that every life has a story which deserves to be heard.”

Deborah Downes, Transitions Volunteer