Tree of Life

A Lasting Way to Remember a Loved One

Our Tree of Life is a dignified display that is a center piece at our hospice care center. We invite you to celebrate the life of a special person by purchasing a leaf or a stone for the Tree of Life, or choose to honor your loved one with a gift to Haven in lieu of flowers. Currently, there are Tree of Life displays in our Gainesville and Palatka care centers.

Accumulated donations of $1,000 or more qualifies for a leaf or stone. Your loved one’s name and your message will be inscribed on a solid bronze leaf or stone and added to the display. Your gift will serve as a tribute to your loved one and as a symbol of life.

Your Gift
Since we began in 1979, donor support has played a vital role in allowing Haven to touch the lives of more than 110,000 individuals and families that needed our help. But now we need your help to ensure that we can continue to fulfill our mission of providing comfort, care and compassion regardless of an individual’s ability to pay.

Make a Gift to Haven:

After payment, we will reach out to you to complete the order. During this call, we’ll ask what you would like engraved onto your leaf or stone.

Leaf Engraving: 4 lines and 40 characters per line including spaces.
Medium Stone Engraving: 5 lines and 35 characters per line including spaces.
Large Stone Engraving: 7 lines and 35 characters per line including spaces.

You can also reach out to the Haven Development Team at 800.727.1889 or if you have any questions. Thank you!

Thank you to the donors who have participated in the Tree of Life campaign! (Updated 3/20/23)


  • Danny Martinez
  • Kelly Smith


  • Bill Appleton
  • Sue Benton
  • Nancy Bibbo
  • Karen Anne Bjorndal
  • Riley Blitch
  • Glorida E. Bonilla
  • Valerie Cason
  • Danielle Coquyt
  • Dr. Pat DeCarlis
  • James Donohoe, Jr.
  • Anntwanique Edwards
  • Margaret Fox
  • Charles Glaser
  • Buddy Goodman
  • Danielle Gregory
  • Nancy Hagey
  • Gerald W. Isaacs
  • Albert Jernigan
  • Lauren Kenney
  • Trish Keohane
  • Aaron and Sarah Kotranza
  • Dawn Lee
  • Jim & Marsha Lyons
  • Kevin MacNeil
  • Maxine Marinaccio
  • Martha Faye McGregor
  • Douglass Miller
  • Marie O’Steen
  • Ruth L. Parrish
  • Lassie Patterson
  • Judith Phillis
  • Lee Pinkoson/Nona Upshaw
  • Evelyn Purvis
  • Gwen Rockwell
  • Vicki Santello
  • Mireille Schrader
  • Scott Thomas
  • Ellen Thoms
  • Janelle Weathers
  • Ronald K. Wilson
  • Teresa Wood
  • Burton & Caroline Wrisley
  • Dan Zappini
  • Margaret and Allan Zimmermann