Employee Giving Campaign 2021

Building the Haven Foundation One Brick at a Time


Join your department to help build the Haven Foundation!

This year teams will be rewarded for 100 percent participation. No matter how big or small your gift, please consider donating today. Individuals that give at certain levels will receive gifts, and departments that have 100 percent participation will receive rewards as well. Giving to the Employee Giving Campaign is incredibly impactful, as it supports the Make a Difference Fund, unfunded patient care, Camp Safe Haven and the COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund.

On this page you’ll find a donation form that details your giving options, including check or payroll deduction. You will also find an online form if you prefer to pay with a card.

Thank you for helping us build the Haven Foundation by giving to the Employee Giving Campaign. Your generosity will indeed impact lives and we are grateful for your willingness to participate.

Campaign Update

As of January 5, Haven associates have given $15,121. Please consider donating to help us reach our goal of $35,000!

  • Teri Baudouin
  • Robert Betterton
  • Glenn Beville
  • Geraldine Bichier
  • Debra Black
  • Jennifer Blades
  • Marylin Bloom
  • Ina Boyd
  • Nicol Brooks
  • Beverly Burch
  • Cindy Capen
  • Molly Cowart
  • Jennifer Davis
  • Renee Davis
  • Danielle DiGennaro
  • Brigid Doherty
  • Clay Dzioba
  • Cary Fennel
  • Susan Forte
  • Melanie Garrett
  • Susie Gilson
  • Catherine Goodvine
  • Jeremy Haupt
  • Catina Hinson
  • Debra Humphrey
  • Claire Jackson
  • Karen Jackson
  • LeAnne Jones
  • Sharon Jones
  • Christine Klingsten
  • Jennifer Lachance
  • Joselyn Lugo
  • Jennie Lyons
  • Tiffany Massey
  • Malesa McCleery
  • Sandra McGehee
  • Renee McKenzie
  • Melissa Mehlum
  • Yuneisha Mobley
  • Mimi Moreno
  • Sarah Murnahan
  • Stormy Palmer-Porter
  • Jackie Price
  • Joanne Propst
  • Brooke Pyne
  • Hailey Reidy
  • Angela Renaud
  • Vicky Robertson
  • Becky Rosano
  • Kevin Rowley
  • Chris Russell
  • Kathleen Russell
  • Joan Sanders
  • Cali Sanford
  • Sandra Saurers
  • Nicole Sayers
  • Mary Schupp
  • Edward Spencer
  • Philip Steers
  • Alicia Tackett
  • Alan Taylor
  • Tina Tosten
  • Alan Turner
  • Christine Walker
  • Patty Weir-Prince
  • Deborah Whitright
  • Mark Willard
  • Suzanne Woodward
  • Michelle Yasay

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