There was a patient at the Custead Hospice Care Center in Orange Park who was an avid astronomer. The patient had followed the April eclipse over the past year; his family said it was a passion of his. According to Haven Associate Medical Director Dr. Massey, his health was declining in the days leading up to the eclipse. She notified the family that he may pass away before the eclipse came. The family responded to Dr. Massey that they were confident– no matter what– that he would live until the eclipse on Monday.

When Monday morning arrived, the patient was still alive and dressed in an eclipse t-shirt (pictured). The care center staff met and turned his bed around so that he could face the window and have the best possible view of the eclipse. They even offered to transfer him to a stretcher to view it from outdoors, but the family opted for him to remain inside due to his status.

The eclipse neared Orange Park around 3 p.m. on Monday and he passed away one hour after the viewing of the eclipse. The family was very appreciative of Haven’s care and were grateful that his caregivers recognized something that was so dear to the patient.