Jackie Price is retiring after 17 years with Haven. Since January 2007, she has worked tirelessly to lead Haven’s corporate compliance and risk management, quality assessment and performance, and HIM teams. Price has served in many roles with Haven, including manager, HIPAA privacy officer and member of the executive leadership team. She is a deeply committed advocate for patients and families and a resource for all Haven team members.

Price said she has three milestone accomplishments at Haven. The first was being able to lead Haven through a five-year corporate integrity agreement (CIA) with the Office of Inspector General. Price said navigating the CIA and meeting requirements “took a lot of blood, sweat and tears” but that it led to her second biggest accomplishment: reaching a true culture of compliance at Haven.

“Compliance is at the top of everyone’s mind, which is no easy feat,” said Price. “Developing a culture that was non-threatening to employees in the chief compliance role is pretty remarkable. Team members tell me the darndest things, but guess what… Then we can fix it! They aren’t scared that the compliance officer is going to immediately fire them and we are able to work through what we are going to do to fix problems.”

Her third accomplishment is something she said she never dreamed she would see in a hospice career: inclusivity between quality and clinical operations. Price says that auditing nurses is now seen as a form of support by field workers at Haven, and that has not always been the case. “When I realized that was happening, I said, ‘I’m done. I can’t top this!’”

Price is able to have difficult conversations, with staff and patients and families alike, and come out on the other side with a positive solution. She credits her diverse background for creating her “unique perspective” in the workplace.

“I have been through so much in my life that I can put myself in the shoes of the family and I am able to help nurses and social workers see what the patient or family is going through. If we can meet people where they are and provide services that meet their needs, we are going to be able to remain compliant and give high-quality care,” Price said.

Going out on a high note, Price recalled the incredible growth and resiliency that Haven has shown somewhat recently. “The timeframe that was the most difficult in my career, but the most rewarding, was the past five-or-so years,” said Price. “We came out from under hard times, found our president Pauline just before COVID-19, and look at we have done since. We survived the pandemic, provided a safe place for families to be with patients, turned around our financial outlook and built the strongest leadership team I have every had the privilege of working with. I am leaving Haven in good hands with this crew at a truly ‘Great Place to Work.’”

Price added that while she is not a clinician, it has been a privilege to be a small part of helping Haven fulfill its mission. One of her favorite things about Haven is the people, who are here to either provide care at the bedside or support the team members who do so.

Price always attended Haven events, fully embracing the theme.

Price always went beyond her job requirements in her support of Haven. She supported Haven’s programs, like Camp Safe Haven, and donated handmade items for the Attic Resale Stores to sell.

“Jackie is known for her dedication to the Haven mission, care and compassion for colleagues, love for her family, and the beautiful crafts that she creates and donates to the Attic Stores,” said Haven President Pauline Taylor. “We are grateful for Jackie’s many years of service to Haven and wish her the very best in this next phase of life.”

After almost two decades of supporting Haven, Price is near-giddy about retirement. She has conquered many family “firsts,” being the first to graduate college, earn a master’s degree and she is now the first to retire on her own terms. She plans to submerse herself in her old and new hobbies; she can’t wait to learn how to play the keyboard, use the pottery wheel she was gifted last year, and try out a new engraving tool. She is also thrilled to spend time with her grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Price intends to use her newfound spare time to support the Attic store nearest her in Chiefland.

Haven team members gathered to celebrate Price and her retirement last week at the E.T. York Hospice Care Center. Price attended with her family members and her coworkers spoke emotionally about her impact on their careers and Haven. Price said a few words of her own, including, “Hospice done well is the best gift ever. Keep fighting the good fight. It’s worth it.”

Price has helped shape Haven into the organization it is today. We wish her the happiest retirement!