The Haven Women of Philanthropy met this month to select a project to fund to benefit Haven Hospice patients and families. They were presented with three options—a dementia educational program for Haven staff, a volunteer scholarship and a blanket warmer— and chose to spread the 2022 funds among all three.

The Haven Women of Philanthropy meet to vote on which projects to fund.

“As a long faithful supporter of Haven Hospice, I am proud to endorse and believe in the great work that goes on at Haven every day,” said Haven Women of Philanthropy member Sue Butler. “The workers are constantly trying to seek new enhancements for the lives of patients. That is why I wanted to vote for all three proposals for the 2022 funding for Haven Hospice projects.”

Having experienced the impact of hospice care through family members, Sue detailed the importance of each of the projects.

The presentations were given by Haven associates who are subject matter experts. Risk Management and Compliance Manager Ina Boyd spoke about the dementia educational program certification, Clinical Volunteer Manager Susie Gilson presented the Gators for Haven Hospice scholarship request and registered nurse Jean Lansdowne provided details about the blanket warmer request.

  • The dementia program certification equips Haven employees with a better understanding of the stages of dementia and teaches various approaches to maximize independence and quality of life. The program also teaches appropriate communication skills and an understanding of the complexities of behavioral challenges as well as effective responses. Funding this project helps shift the focus from the disease itself and a person’s lost abilities to the individual’s uniqueness and remaining abilities.
  • Haven has more than 60 student volunteers who contribute to administrative duties, community outreach activities and support the No One Dies Alone program. Student volunteers support patients and families, making an enormous impact at Haven. Funding this Gators for Haven Hospice scholarship awards one student volunteer $2,000 toward education expenses.
  • When patients are provided bed baths or showers, room temperature towels are used to drape them for warmth and privacy during care. Purchasing a blanket warmer provides physical comfort and promotes dignity for patients during the challenging time of losing independence. It also helps maintain the patient’s body temperature.

After being introduced to the projects and hearing the presentations, the Haven Women of Philanthropy members were able to ask questions and discuss, then vote on which projects to fund.

Jean Lansdowne, RN, presents a blanket warmer project request to the Haven Women of Philanthropy.

The available $20,000 was allocated as follows: The dementia program certification program received $11,145, the Gators for Haven Hospice scholarship received $2,000 and $6,855 covered the cost of the blanket warmer.

We thank the Haven Women of Philanthropy for their contributions and for so carefully choosing how these dollars can make a difference for the patients and families Haven serves.

The Haven Women of Philanthropy is a group of philanthropic women whose dues are pooled together to support programs and projects that would otherwise not be possible. If you would like to learn more about the organization, please contact Sharon Jones at 813.373.3100 or