Haven Women of Philanthropy recently used funds to purchase a bladder scanner to be used at Haven’s E.T. York Hospice Care Center in Gainesville.

Each year the Haven Women of Philanthropy are presented with multiple projects, of which they vote on one to fund. This year’s winning presentation was for the purchase of a Biocon 900 Ultrasonic Bladder Scanner, which is a compact ultrasound machine that is used to scan a patient’s bladder to give a reading of volume, helping medical staff assess bladder fullness.

“Hospice philosophy is such that we want to do as few invasive or uncomfortable procedures as possible, however at times, catheter insertion is a necessary procedure for comfort. The bladder scanner will both prevent catheter placement if unnecessary, and provide more objective data to support placement in situations where patients cannot speak for themselves and physical exam is unreliable,” said E.T. York Hospice Care Center patient care manager Sarah Murnahan. “Utilizing a bladder scanner is beneficial in providing for patient’s physical comfort, as well as peace of mind for families making medical decisions on their behalf.”

Murnahan said bladder scanners are not brand new technology, but, in her experience, are not widely available in other settings. She said the tool will be shared among Haven patients being cared for in their homes as well as those in the hospice care center.

Haven Women of Philanthropy member Barbara Hudson said she voted in favor of funding the bladder scanner. “I thought, of the projects proposed this year, that this was very patient-centric. Haven has always been focused on patients no matter what, which is why I felt this was definitely the thing to do,” said Barbara. “The ladies of Haven Women of Philanthropy are in the group because they want to make a difference in the lives of those who need help and need care. I think that’s why we’re all doing it and why we chose to fund this project for Haven.”

Hudson, a long-time Haven volunteer, is passionate about hospice care and encourages anyone interested in volunteer work to connect with Haven. She said, “I believe in the value of hospice, and also believe those who volunteer in any capacity will find it the most rewarding thing they can do.”

If you are interested in becoming a Haven volunteer or joining the Haven Women of Philanthropy, visit https://beyourhaven.org/.