A patient at the Tri-Counties Hospice Care Center in Chiefland wished to go home at the end of life. Having known this for a while, the patient’s family promised they would make it happen and started working.

The patient had property in Dixie County. Her family wanted to build a house for her but knew there wouldn’t be enough time, given her condition, so they cleared land, worked on a road, and had a mobile home placed on the property. The patient began to decline quickly and the only remaining obstacle was utilities.

The family was not able to get the power turned on quickly through traditional methods. When the patient’s daughter-in-law visited the care center, exasperated, Haven’s staff thought they could help and leapt into action.

Secretary Jennifer Johnson and RN Amanda Garner both called their husbands, who are connected with Central Florida Electric Co-Op (CFEC), and asked for a favor. Within an hour, a CFEC employee was at the patient’s home working quickly to have the power on by the next day at 9 a.m.

Haven RN Amanda Garner and care center secretary Jennifer Johnson pose at the Tri-Counties Hospice Care Center in Chiefland. Both team members were integral in helping to turn on the utilities for a patient who wished to die at home.

Garner said they didn’t tell the family anything until the power was officially on, because they didn’t want to give them false hope, but everything worked out and the patient was able to return home.

Garner, who is originally from Dixie County, said, “I was happy to be able to help. We all have our own piece of why hospice is special to us. My dad wanted to die at home, which is why this was extra special for me. I knew we could pull some strings, and fortunately, Jennifer’s string went straight to the top. Her husband was able to quickly speak with Denny George, CFEC’s General Manager.”

Denny George, also a member of Haven’s Chiefland Community Advisory Board, helped expedite the process.

Johnson also credited Haven Medical Equipment for assisting in this patient’s quick return home. “When we were trying to get the patient’s power on to get her home, I called Mrs. Catherine [Goodvine] in HME, and she moved mountains to get the hospital bed to the home before the patient was discharged from the care center to go home,” said Johnson. “The patient did make it home and passed the next day. Her son has called me several times since her passing just to let us know again how thankful he was for Haven and what everyone did to make it happen to get his mom home.”

Garner wanted everyone to know how deeply Haven’s actions moved the patient’s son. “He was so incredibly thankful and blown away. He said, ‘You don’t even know us, we aren’t from here, and you made this happen for us. You scheduled her transport and were able to get her home. I may never get to see you again, but you’ll always be in my heart. I just love y’all.’”

Thank you to CFEC and to Haven’s team members for this collaborative effort to fulfill a patient’s wish!