Patient Brandon Wagner came on to Haven’s services in March due to terminal colon cancer. Wagner lived every day to the fullest since his stage four diagnosis in 2019, spending every moment he could with his spouse Cristin and his three children Alan, Abbie and Mandy. He had one more goal, though: to make sure he could attend his daughter Abbie’s wedding on March 30.

Mr. Wagner escorting his daughter, Abbie, down the aisle.

Haven team members worked together with Wagner and his family to do their best to help meet this goal. When the wedding time rolled around, Wagner’s symptoms were managed to balance comfort with alertness so that he could participate in all of the wedding festivities, per his wishes.

Wagner was provided medical equipment pieces, including a high-back wheelchair, the week of the wedding to help him attend in comfort. His care team was so happy to share that he attended the wedding! Wagner escorted Abbie down the aisle while being pushed by his son Alan. His wife Cristin shared photos with the Haven team, adding, “He was the life of the party!” His wish came true.

Wagner’s RN Case Manager Sherry Landers said that the care team knew he had the strength to make it to the wedding, but anticipated a decline after. She said his family remained together during his decline until his passing on April 12.

Landers was particularly touched by Wagner and his family, sharing, “In our positions, we meet patients and families in many different times in their lives and many hold special places in our hearts. That was Brandon and his family for me. I was truly blessed to be a part of his journey — seeing him attend the wedding and be so present for those last memories. His family welcomed me in to their special moments and I truly felt like family during our short time together. Our patients and families don’t know sometimes just how much they touch us. To be just a small piece of a journey so important to him and his family will be a lasting memory for me. This experience is an example of why I’m so glad to be a Haven RN.”