Jan M. Snyder, Ph.D. has a private psychology practice in southwest Gainesville. On the property, she also has 27 chickens, whose eggs she sells to generate donations for charitable organizations.

When Dr. Snyder’s chickens began to consistently lay eggs, she decided to sell the eggs to colleagues and clients and donate the proceeds to a local charity each month. Haven Hospice was the recipient of $200 this month, raised solely through Dr. Snyder’s egg sales.

“The services [Haven] provides in the community have always been so valuable, both to clients themselves and to those of us who service mental health needs in the population who live here,” said Dr. Snyder. “Knowing you are out there has been extremely helpful to me, both professionally and personally.”

Dr. Snyder said her mother and two close friends passed away at Haven’s E.T. York Hospice Care Center, so donating to Haven is especially meaningful to her. “I thank Haven for providing such an important service,” she said. “I really appreciate you for being there in our time of need.”

Dr. Snyder said this donation represents the efforts of “the girls” as well as her clients and others in the community who have chosen to eat fresh eggs while supporting a worthy cause.

Haven thanks Dr. Snyder and her egg customers for supporting local patients and families! If you are interested in contributing to Haven, please visit www.beyourhaven.org/donate for more information.

Dr. Snyder’s chickens live outside her private practice; their eggs produce funds that are donated to charitable organizations each month.