Below, you’ll find helpful videos for caregivers in English and Spanish. We hope these videos can be instructive in demonstrating and explaining various aspects of patient care to assist you with caring for your loved one.

The footage from these videos has been provided by Haven’s partner hospice Treasure Coast Hospice, with funding for the Spanish versions provided by the Clay Electric Foundation.

Caregiver Videos (English)

Ambulating with Your Loved One

Difficulty Breathing

Using a Draw Sheet

Transitioning from Bed to Chair

Managing Constipation

Pain Management

Caregiver Videos (Spanish)

Deambular con su
Ser Querido

Que Hacer si su Querido Tiene
Dificultad para Respirar

Usar una Sábana para Levantar
a su Ser Querido en la Cama

Transición de la Cama a la Silla

Manejo del Estreñimiento

Manejo del Dolor