Every year, Haven celebrates the memory of your loved one with the Forget-Me-Not campaign, specifically named after this delicate flower. Thanks to you, it is one of the most popular programs at Haven. We continue to receive remembrance cards throughout the year and the Forget-Me-Not boards are filled with your messages and remain in every Haven Hospice care center to honor or memorialize your loved ones.

Your tax-deductible gifts and donations to Haven remain in the communities Haven serves and help provide care for patients unable to pay. Please consider making a special donation via the form on this page so Haven can continue to fulfill its mission of providing comfort and care to all patients and their families regardless of their ability to pay. There is an option on the form to type your Forget-Me-Not message; we are happy to write your message and place it in the care center of your choice. If you prefer to write the message yourself and do not have a card, please email Vicky Robertson at vlrobertson@beyourhaven.org and she will mail you a Forget-Me-Not card.

Every day is a gift and your gift will make a difference.

Thank you.