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In an effort to keep patients, families and staff healthy, all bereavement support groups have been postponed until April. We appreciate your understanding. Please check back for updates.

Healing Hearts Bereavement Support

After the loss of a loved one, coping with daily living can be hard. Knowing you are not alone in your difficult journey can make all the difference. Through generous community donations, Haven offers Healing Hearts grief support programs in 18 counties across Florida as a community service. For more information on these programs and services, call 1.844.LIGHTEN.

Bereavement Support Groups *— Haven offers individual, family and group bereavement support, as well as educational programs for anyone who has experienced a loss.

2020 Bereavement Calendar

Family Member Support Group at The Windsor

Memorial Services — To honor the lives of loved ones, we host Love & Remembrance services.

Camp Safe Haven — Supported by Haven’s professionals and volunteers, Camp Safe Haven provides children, teens and families with fun and therapeutic activities to help them work through grief.

Coping with the Holidays Workshops — For those who have lost a loved one, the holidays can be overwhelming. At Haven, we want to help you with the difficulties of the season by providing information and strategies that can bring comfort during this time.

Workplace Bereavement Support — It can be challenging supporting employees who are dealing with grief, loss, a life-limiting illness, or who are serving as caregivers. Haven invites you to call on us as a resource for bereavement support and educational programs.

Helping employees with family concerns has been proven to increase productivity, reduce unscheduled absences, and lower the number of benefit claims.

Haven can offer these bereavement support programs and services at your worksite:

  • Coping with Grief and Loss in the Workplace
  • Working Caregivers: Balancing Two Full-Time Jobs
  • Life Planning: Documents You Shouldn’t Live Without

Spiritual Care

At Haven, we honor the value of each personal spiritual journey. Spirituality includes religious beliefs, rites and rituals. It may include religious or nonreligious points of meaning for an individual and their cultural practices and beliefs.

The Haven Spiritual Care Team is here to offer patients and families support, a listening ear, and helpful spiritual care. How you understand yourself, your beliefs, meaningful events, hopes, regrets, relationships and so much more are distinctive. The way we relate to others and the world around us impacts our life’s journey and is oftentimes a place of reflection during end of life.

Honoring the story of our lives is a rich tradition across all cultures throughout history and may serve to integrate one’s life’s experiences into a meaningful whole. If you have a Pastor, Rabbi, Imam, or other person who is important to your spiritual journey, we would be glad to contact that person for you. At Haven, we want you to have access to the people and spiritual resources you desire including music, poetry, sacred literature, prayer shawls, art and ritual.

For a visit from a spiritual care provider, simply mention it to a member of your Haven Care Team.