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For most of us, holidays are about our making memories, but also about remembering time spent with family. This year, as we have learned, families are more important than ever. It is with that thought that we share this moving family story with you. Susan Darby Parrish was touched by the care provided to her mother and chose to share her family’s story. Each story is unique, but the quality of care patients and families receive remains constant throughout our 18-county service area.

“Late in life, our mother was diagnosed with dementia. As her dementia worsened, for her own protection and well-being, we were forced to place her in a memory care facility. This was a devastating decision for each of us and left us feeling we had betrayed the heart and soul of our family. When it became clear that the facility was ill-equipped to meet the needs of a dying person and ill-equipped to meet the emotional needs of our family, the doctor recommended she be transported to Haven Hospice.

When we arrived at Haven’s care center, everything changed. The staff quickly made Mother very comfortable. Much to my surprise, she was in a ‘homelike’ setting that was quiet and inviting. It also offered ample room for our family to remain by her side. For the first time in months, the only job our family had was to “just love” our mother. The weight had been lifted. Mother died peacefully several days later. I am sharing this very personal story with the hope it will give another family reassurance in regard to decisions that need to be made at the end of their loved one’s life. For me, Haven offered our family a lifeline and I will be forever grateful for their help.”

Please consider making a gift in support of Haven to help create more family stories and memories like those of Susan Parrish and her family. Your generous donation will help Haven continue its mission to provide comfort, care and compassion to every patient and family it serves. To show appreciation for your gift of $100 or more, you will receive a unique 2020 Light up a Life ornament.

As you send in your donation, please consider writing an inscription on the enclosed paper candle memorial tag and return to Haven to hang on the holiday tree in honor or memory of your loved one or a caregiver. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, we will not hold the annual Light Up a Life Ceremony this year. We will place the candle on the tree in the care center of your choice or, if you prefer, you are welcome to visit and hang the candle on the tree. Be sure to make this season special and spread joy. Best wishes for a lovely holiday and new year!

Care Center Locations for Light Up a Life Candles

E. T. York Hospice Care Center
4200 N.W. 90th Boulevard

Haven Community Building
311 N.E. 9th Street

Suwannee Valley Hospice Care Center
6037 W. US Highway 90

Custead Hospice Care Center
745 Blanding Boulevard

Roberts Hospice Care Center
6400 St. Johns Avenue