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This year, as Haven celebrates the 40th anniversary of supporting patients and their families in our 18-county service area, please consider supporting our annual Light up a Life campaign. Each day, our patients and their stories touch our hearts. Patients like Wilma and Lewis Hart, married 70 years, brought a real love story to the Roberts Hospice Care Center in Palatka that truly touched everyone.

When the care center staff learned that the couple, who were both Haven patients, were apart in a hospital and in a nursing home for the last several months, they worked quickly to reunite them. Lewis missed his wife desperately and while efforts were in place to reunite the Harts, his health continued to deteriorate. He had been unresponsive for several days. Wilma arrived within minutes of his last breath. The nurses jumped into action, arranging their beds close enough to join their hands. Miraculously, Lewis opened his eyes briefly to see his wife and then his breathing returned to normal. He would live eight more days, just enough time for the entire Hart family to have a reunion and spend time with both their mother and father. The Roberts Hospice Care Center accommodated four children, 10 grandchildren and 25 great-grandchildren to surround the Harts with love. “It was beautiful,” said Delores Hart-Flanders, one of their three daughters.

“The very last word my mom uttered was “laugh,” said Janice Bolden, one of the Harts other daughters. “She heard laughter and wanted it to continue. She wanted us all to be together.” And they were.

Please consider making a generous gift in recognition and support of this special anniversary and to help Haven create more family stories like the Harts’. Your donation will help Haven continue its mission of providing comfort, care and compassion regardless of an individual’s ability to pay. To show appreciation for your gift of $100 or more, you will receive the 2019 Light up a Life ornament, which features Haven’s 40th anniversary.

We will host a holiday ceremony at each of Haven’s care centers on Thursday, December 5th at 5:30 p.m. As an attendee, you will be invited to hang a Candle Memorial Tag on the holiday tree in honor or memory of your loved one. There is no cost for this event, which is open to the public.

Be sure to make this season special and spread joy and, as Wilma said, laughter. Best wishes for a lovely holiday and New Year.

Join us for our Light up a Life Celebrations!

Thursday, December 5 at 5:30 p.m.

In honor of all patients and families that Haven has served for the past 40 years and continues to serve, we will host a holiday ceremony in each of our care center locations. Please join us.

E. T. York Hospice Care Center
4200 N.W. 90th Boulevard

Haven Community Building
311 N.E. 9th Street

Suwannee Valley Hospice Care Center
6037 W. US Highway 90

Custead Hospice Care Center
745 Blanding Boulevard

Roberts Hospice Care Center
6400 St. Johns Avenue

To RSVP, please contact Development Specialist Vicky Robertson at or 352.378.2121 ext. 14235.